Saturday, July 7, 2012

Farmer's Market Find

I ventured off to the farmer's market this morning.  And wouldn't you know it, I stumbled onto a booth that had hand crafted wood bowls.  Okay, so I was not looking for a bowl, but how can one pass up a cute little bowl like this for a whopping whole $4?  Brand new on top of it, seriously?  It was a must have for that price.   I thought to myself "self, you need one of these to put on your night stand so that your earrings have a safe haven to rest while you are dancing with the sugar plum fairies."  Sold, it came home with me!  I love the grains, and markings, plus the simplicity of the wood bowl.  The ladies name is Bea who makes the wood bowls.  This particular bowl that I purchased is made out of maple.  Bea had a large table of these cute wood bowls, in assorted wood varieties from all over the world at an incredible price.  Thanks Bea, it is so me!
small wood bowl, maple wood

hand crafted wood bowl

artistic wood dish

wood grain, decorative bowl

Art is poetry without words (that no one really wants to pay a lot of money for).

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