Thursday, August 23, 2012

Old Levi jeans turned into a cute designer skirt!

Okay, so I have been eyeing up some cute designer jeans in the store, you know, the ones with all the bling bling and they cost an arm and a leg (minimum of about $100).  So, I look at them, look in my wallet and walk away from the rack that they are displayed on.  My mind starts racing, and I'm saying to myself "I think I can make that for next to nothing."

I've got some old blue jeans with the crotch worn out from the fabric getting thread worn.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, so yeah, maybe also from my thighs rubbing together because I am over weight!  That is besides the point.  I was going to toss them in the garbage and thought, na, I can recycle these silly things somehow either into a bag or skirt.  So here is my attempt at making my very own designer skirt.  I actually like it a lot and get a lot of compliments on it. Eventually if I get the balls, I would like to try one with an ombre kind of look. You need to be a little sewing savvy in order to follow my directions because they are not extremely detailed.  Forgive me if they are too vague to follow along but for the most part, you get the idea. Click on the images for a large view of directions.
Also, once I get some free time, I will give more detail  on how you can bling bling the back pockets and make your very own as well!
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Side note; for the panel on the back of the skirt, I made the vertical panel seam follow the angle of the pockets. Also once you have trimmed up your panels on the outside, you can go inside the skirt and trim off any excess fabric that won't be needed. So when I get some more free time, I will show you how I did the jeweled pockets...