Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Golden Thoughts for Fall

Mmmmmm.... this is so simple but incredibly striking.  I could see these scattered around for fall parties or an evening of Thanksgiving with some soft candles glowing close by.   Take a mason jar and spray it metallic gold then dip it in gold glitter... easy peasy.  Think of all the options for doing any fun simple metallic color and then dipping them in a coordinating matching glitter for birthdays or weddings. Super sweet!

Ideas to ponder:
One idea for a summer party that comes to mind, is metallic turquoise paint with matching glitter... or on the flip side, some simple plain sand instead of the glitter accented on turquoise would give a nice beach-y look.

Christmas could be done in metallic silver with simple balsam pine and hypericum berries.

Easter done with pastel blues and minty greens, accented with hydrangeas, daisies and fun eggs!
mason jars sprayed with metallic paint and dipped in glitter, d.i.y. ideas for weddings, birthday and event parties

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