Monday, November 4, 2013

White Pumpkins

So, I've been seeing a lot of white pumpkins the last five years or so and this year I'm in love. White pumpkins have become extremely popular as an alternative to the traditional bright orange pumpkins, and I noticed this year when I went to the pumpkin farm there are a lot of interesting variations for colors, variegation and such.  Many people have begun carving these beautiful objects to resemble pierced creamware china.  These pieces of work sure are beautiful and I love the detailing of black paint on a white pumpkin.  This year for Halloween, I got my power drill out and went to town on my pumpkins for a different look.  I suggest you wear some protective gear when doing this type of project as pumpkin guts were flying everywhere!
flower arrangement, centerpiece, white pumpkin designed with a huge assortment of flowers, fall, thanksgiving table decor
Photo Credit for above image... Martha Stewart

white pumpkin, ranuculas, snapdragons, fall decorating ideas

white mini pumpkin with gold glitter

white carved pumpkin with black detail design

pink and white pumpkins on white pedestals, fall decor

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